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The Top Censored Stories From 2009-2010

The Top Censored Stories From 2009-2010:

25. Prisoners Still Brutalized at Gitmo

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Offshore Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico Explodes

It happened this morning.
Isn't it time?
Shouldn't we end this oil dependency?
The sun sure is hot today.


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Consciousness of Lack

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Black Landowners Fight to Reclaim Georgia Home

In 1942, Harris Neck, a thriving community of black landowners who hunted, farmed and gathered oysters, was taken by the federal government to build an airstrip. Now, the elders — who remember barefoot childhoods spent climbing trees and waking to watch the Canada geese depart in formation — want to know why they cannot have it back.

You have got to listen to this lady tell the story!  Beautiful.

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The Future for BP

Friday, June 25, 2010

House Approves Legislation That Mandates the Disclosure of Political Spending

"Known as the Disclose Act, the acronym for Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections, the bill would ban spending on political campaigns by corporations that have $10 million or more in government contracts as well as by American corporations that are controlled by foreign citizens."

Boehner's quote [below] is making it loud and clear where his and fellow Republican's loyalties lie, and who is the true political opponents of the so-called "left".  Republicans represent Corporations and it is the Corporations who are opponents of Democrats and Democracy. 

“They want to use their majority here in the House to silence their political opponents for just one election,” the House Republican leader, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, said in a floor speech.

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