Thursday, May 13, 2010

Net Neutrality a 'government take over'?

The corporatist's new strategy to fight against net neutrality is to claim that the government wants to "take over" and "regulate" the internet.  I read an article in the Washington Post last week that was making this corporatist argument and was appalled.  But I did not realize, after reading that article, that it was becoming a right wing talking point.  Just read this today:

And here's a bullsh*t commercial trying to convince us that net neutrality is a bad, evil, government take over.

Bloggers unite!

p.s. we all know what happens when corporations convince our government to "de-regulate".  
Just look at Wall Street, our economy, and the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  
These are results of "de-regulation". AT&T etc. want to be able to charge websites extra
money to allow them to run at working speeds.

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